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[Reproduced] Snow Leopard Daily Chemical enters the software field, broadens its thinking and deploys new strategies

Time : 2010/06/17 View : 90

[Source] Li Mengpeng Qianlong.com

         Six animation TV series, including "Tail Fantasy Song" and "Happy Dinosaur Valley" produced by "Snow Leopard Animation" under Jiangsu Snow Leopard Daily Chemical Co., Ltd., were broadcast on CCTV and gained fame. Recently, it has regained momentum and invested in "Snow Leopard Software Technology" and entered the Jiangyin Software Park, setting a new benchmark for mobile business applications.


A few days ago, Ji Jun, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangyin Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, led the government office, information office, and commerce bureau to investigate Jiangyin Software Park and inspected Jiangsu Snow Leopard Technology Co., Ltd. Operation Director Liu Tiantuo demonstrated the development of mobile business software such as "Mobile OA", "Mobile ERP", "Mobile Ordering", and "E Tongtianxia".

Ji Jun said that the above-mentioned projects have a wide range of application space in Jiangyin, and recommended the Snow Leopard Technology project to Jiangsu Hongxin System Integration Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Telecom Group, hoping to produce greater effects through technical cooperation.

       It is reported that Snow Leopard Technology will further broaden its thinking, redeploy its strategic goals, establish a cooperation model through third-party operators-China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom, and integrate mobile business platforms.

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